Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Blogs and the brewing money making opprtunities !!  


US user-generated content sites will earn $1 billion in ad revenues in 2007, but that number will skyrocket to $4.3 billion in 2011. Worldwide, $1.6 billion will be spent in 2007, rising to $8.2 billion in 2011.

According to Consumers have more control now than they've ever had in choosing how, when and what media they consume. User-friendly technologies like social book-marking sites, blogs and review sites have made it possible for virtually anyone to create and distribute their own content, reviews about any particular product they consume with ease, spurring the rise of user-generated content and Web 2.0.

Some of the contextual sites like has pledged a platform for any consumer, to raise his voice against any discrimination or prejudice they have come into. So, many of the established brands now have kept aside a big pie of their online marketing budget for just promoting their products on these user-generated content sites. This is a new brewing opportunity for any blogger. A blogger now can earn a few hundreds/month just by providing a unbiased review about a product, he consumes. The advertisers will willingly pay you for your opinions and reviews.

But how will you get back to these advertisers?

Smorty is the answer. Smorty is a service provider and is a communication link between an advertisers website and thousands of blogs. For advertisers Smorty is the most effective tool to increase search engine rankings by blog advertising. Advertisers can create a campaign and have bloggers write unique review articles about services and link back to the website using specific keywords.

Advertisers: Create a topic, keywords and provide your site links. Bloggers will write their opinion on your site and services based on what you provide. If you bid a higher amount per post you are more likely to be offered and accepted by higher ranked blogs. You have the option to specify the minimum page rank of blogs that your campaign is distributed to, there are recommended bid amounts for each page rank. So, just go here to advertise on blogs .

Bloggers: Bloggers can make money from their blog by writing their opinion about the advertiser’s services. All you need to open an account at After your get the blog approval from Smorty, wait and check your account on regular basis until you get your relevant campaign offers from Smorty. When any advertiser bid on your review, Smorty will email you and you now can write and post your opinion article about the product listed in the advertiser’s website.

But the important thing to know, every advertiser will focus on some keywords, anchor text or specific formatting and you need to follow their guide lines when writing any review. Just follow the guide lines, otherwise the advertiser have all the right to reject your review. In that case, your all effort will go in vain.

In general I will like to tell you that – these Get paid to Post services are now doing a splendid job by diminishing the distance between the advertisers and end-customers. This kind of effort, as I think will help reduce a lots of customer care related issues in the near future..

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