Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Passion Prevents Burn Out!  


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Lack of passion for what you do, is the single biggest problem with earning a living online, or anywhere else for that matter. Here's how to stay focused, prevent burn out, and stay passionate in all that you do.

by Michael Campbell

The greatest problem when it comes to affiliate revenue is that people quit too easily. They have no passion for what they do. They put up a couple of sites, the money doesn't flow in, so they pack it in.

There's a lot of suckers that jump on the affiliate band wagon. I say suckers because they think its a quick fix or get rich scheme. It's not. It's work.

Scared? Lazy? Ready to quit already? Good, more room for me, my friends and coaching clients. ;-)

Okay, so why do people quit and burn out early? It's simple. They have no passion for what they do. They don't enjoy the process. No passion leads to distraction, which leads to lack of focus, which leads to no drive, which leads to apathy and procrastination.

Are you putting up web sites just to make money? Sorry, but that's the wrong beam to send into the universe. Any way you cut it, that's punching the clock, a grind, just doing a 9-5 job, like any other. You probably won't enjoy it or stick with it.

Are you doing what you love? And not doing it for the money? Good, that's passion. A very strong beam to send into the universe.

Tony Robbins, coach and motivator, concludes every session with his trademark, "Live with passion." Joseph Campbell, spiritual leader and teacher, said after every interview, "Follow your bliss."

I say, "Do what you love, and never do it for the money. The money will arrive in its own time,
if it's supposed to, if what you're doing serves the world."

Are you serving the world? Are you adding real value to your web pages? Are you providing valuable information worth reading? Good, that's exactly what you're supposed to do.Don't worry if some spammy looking pages are ahead of you in the search engines. They will get culled out. The human reviewers or automated filters will catch them eventually.

Yes, you worked hard on your pages and believe they should be better positioned than they are. Don't worry, don't sweat it. Just keep learning and improving your abilities. You'll be better positioned, eventually.

Just keep making more pages on related topics and linking them together. Keep adding real value, good information. Especially keep adding information that will help people with their purchasing decisions and comparison shopping. That's what the web is used for.

Don't quit. Don't give up. Live and work with passion, real interest and joy in what you do. Don't sweat the small stuff, or get over analytical about what you do. Don't worry about keyword densities, or if your pages are, "good enough."

Just move forward and keep making web pages on something you love. Something you really enjoy doing, or know a lot about. Something you can talk about for hours. Something you can infuse with enthusiasm and contagious energy.

I've always said do what you love, success will come. The money will follow, but only if you do not give up. Don't believe me?

Doug Hall, author of Jump Start Your Business Brain, is one of the most successful marketers in all the world, when asked about success said, "Fame and fortune come to unreasonable people who ontinue onward, long past when reasonable people would give up."

And according to another personal hero of mine, John Ratey, clinical professor of psychiatry at arvard Medical School, "Find your mission, a commitment, purpose, accomplishment, some thing, to free you from all the addictive behaviors in life."

Ratey concludes his book, "User's Guide to the Brain" by saying this about passion:

"Remember this one thing, in pursuing your passion, the actual doing is what matters, not any measure of success. A diet of constant, stimulating activity, is the best prescription for our troubles. It keeps the brain in a state of constant change, flow, confirmation, and anticipation, thereby reducing the noise, fragility, self-doubt, and stagnation with which we all have to contend."

Are you working on something you're passionate about? Are you juiced and can't wait to get at it? Are you still working at it on a hot sunny day, while everyone else is playing outside? If this sounds like you, success is on its way.

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