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Passion Prevents Burn Out!  


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Lack of passion for what you do, is the single biggest problem with earning a living online, or anywhere else for that matter. Here's how to stay focused, prevent burn out, and stay passionate in all that you do.

by Michael Campbell

The greatest problem when it comes to affiliate revenue is that people quit too easily. They have no passion for what they do. They put up a couple of sites, the money doesn't flow in, so they pack it in.

There's a lot of suckers that jump on the affiliate band wagon. I say suckers because they think its a quick fix or get rich scheme. It's not. It's work.

Scared? Lazy? Ready to quit already? Good, more room for me, my friends and coaching clients. ;-)

Okay, so why do people quit and burn out early? It's simple. They have no passion for what they do. They don't enjoy the process. No passion leads to distraction, which leads to lack of focus, which leads to no drive, which leads to apathy and procrastination.

Are you putting up web sites just to make money? Sorry, but that's the wrong beam to send into the universe. Any way you cut it, that's punching the clock, a grind, just doing a 9-5 job, like any other. You probably won't enjoy it or stick with it.

Are you doing what you love? And not doing it for the money? Good, that's passion. A very strong beam to send into the universe.

Tony Robbins, coach and motivator, concludes every session with his trademark, "Live with passion." Joseph Campbell, spiritual leader and teacher, said after every interview, "Follow your bliss."

I say, "Do what you love, and never do it for the money. The money will arrive in its own time,
if it's supposed to, if what you're doing serves the world."

Are you serving the world? Are you adding real value to your web pages? Are you providing valuable information worth reading? Good, that's exactly what you're supposed to do.Don't worry if some spammy looking pages are ahead of you in the search engines. They will get culled out. The human reviewers or automated filters will catch them eventually.

Yes, you worked hard on your pages and believe they should be better positioned than they are. Don't worry, don't sweat it. Just keep learning and improving your abilities. You'll be better positioned, eventually.

Just keep making more pages on related topics and linking them together. Keep adding real value, good information. Especially keep adding information that will help people with their purchasing decisions and comparison shopping. That's what the web is used for.

Don't quit. Don't give up. Live and work with passion, real interest and joy in what you do. Don't sweat the small stuff, or get over analytical about what you do. Don't worry about keyword densities, or if your pages are, "good enough."

Just move forward and keep making web pages on something you love. Something you really enjoy doing, or know a lot about. Something you can talk about for hours. Something you can infuse with enthusiasm and contagious energy.

I've always said do what you love, success will come. The money will follow, but only if you do not give up. Don't believe me?

Doug Hall, author of Jump Start Your Business Brain, is one of the most successful marketers in all the world, when asked about success said, "Fame and fortune come to unreasonable people who ontinue onward, long past when reasonable people would give up."

And according to another personal hero of mine, John Ratey, clinical professor of psychiatry at arvard Medical School, "Find your mission, a commitment, purpose, accomplishment, some thing, to free you from all the addictive behaviors in life."

Ratey concludes his book, "User's Guide to the Brain" by saying this about passion:

"Remember this one thing, in pursuing your passion, the actual doing is what matters, not any measure of success. A diet of constant, stimulating activity, is the best prescription for our troubles. It keeps the brain in a state of constant change, flow, confirmation, and anticipation, thereby reducing the noise, fragility, self-doubt, and stagnation with which we all have to contend."

Are you working on something you're passionate about? Are you juiced and can't wait to get at it? Are you still working at it on a hot sunny day, while everyone else is playing outside? If this sounds like you, success is on its way.

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Easy Way To Make Money Online: 8 Steps To Affiliate Cash  


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By Jack Silver

In this article, I am going to show you an easy way to make money online. But first, let’s take a general overview of where a newcomer fits in. We all know that there is a wealth of possibility out there on the internet, and it seems that every week we are hearing stories of individuals having “a $20,000 day” within internet marketing circles. Of course, most of these individuals are veteranmarketers and have a comprehensive repertoire of skills. So what about the newcomers to internet marketing? Is there an easy way to make money online? The answer to that would be no.

However, there is a SIMPLE way to make money online, but do not confuse that with easiness. “Easiness” would suggest money is made without any effort, which is not the case. You will have to invest a fair amount of focus, discipline and hard work, but the formula to follow is fairly simple in execution, and the pay-off can be immediate.There are a few popular ways to make fast money online, but I shall be concentrating on providing you with one workable method which you can put to use straight away. This is to use internet forums in conjunction with affiliate marketing. Let’s go through it step-by-step.

1. Go to Clickbank and register for an affiliate account (it’s free).

2. Browse the Clickbank products (anything BUT internet marketing products) and select a product which offers you a healthy commission of 50% or above.

3. Get your affiliate text link for that product by clicking on the “Earn X%” button.

4. Run a Google search for forums and message boards related to the topic of your affiliate product.

5. Open a new bookmark folder and name it “Niche forums”. Register for every forum you can and then bookmark the forums in your new folder.

6. Ensure that each one of your forum profiles is edited to include your affiliate link within the signature option.

7. Spend a few hours browsing the forums, making a list of commonly asked questions by users, and then find the answers to these questions through a bit of Google research.

8. Post in each forum a few times a day. Be helpful and informative and build your status. The more people trust you, the more likely they are to click on your affiliate link.

And that’s all there is to it! It doesn’t sound glamorous, but it works if implemented in good faith and with great industry. Imagine that you pick an affiliate product that will pay you a $20 commission on each purchase made through your affiliate link. If 10 people a week click on your link through your forum exposure, then you’re making an additional $800 a month.

The sky is the limit. The more forums you post to, and the more posts you make, the greater your exposure is. However, don’t use this as an excuse to spam forums. Respect the guidelines and, most importantly, give value to the users by providing the answers they seek. The more gravitas you establish, the more times your link will get clicked. It really is as simple as that - the easy way to make money online.

About the Author: Jack Silver is an internet marketer based in the U.K. Jack's fast-track success story, “ How I Quit My Job And Made Money In My Pyjamas” can be located at :


Monday, September 11, 2006

Pop-Under Windows - The Latest Pop-Window Trend  


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By Shelley Lowery

Although there has been a great deal of controversy over the use of pop-up windows, the fact remains; pop-up windows are highly effective. The latest pop-window trend to hit the Internet is the pop-under window. Pop-under windows are less intrusive than the pop-up windows and are believed to be even more effective.
If you spend any time surfing the Internet, then you've probably encountered several examples of pop-under windows. A prime example is's pop-under ads for their wireless video cameras. X10's pop-under ads were popping up on prime media sites like MSN, the N.Y. Times and Alta Vista. Their main advertising objective was to increase their website traffic. And, they have done so with a high rate of success.

Unlike pop-up windows that load over your web page, pop-under windows quietly load under your web page. Your visitors probably won't even see the pop-under window until they're finished at your site and close the window.

The effectiveness of pop-under windows most likely stems from the timing. When your visitor first enters your site, their mind is on what lead them to your site to begin with. Pop-up windows will most likely cause a higher percentage of your visitors to instantly close your window before viewing its content. That's what makes pop-under windows more effective -- your visitor is through visiting your site and their mind is clearer. They will be much more likely to take the time to look at your offer when they don't have another objective on their mind.

Pop-windows provide Internet marketers with an effective alternative to the declining effectiveness of banner ads. However, studies have shown that most Internet users find these windows very intrusive. How can you effectively use these windows without losing your visitors? Below are a few guidelines to assist you.

  • Make sure that you don't use more than one pop-window per page. If you've ever visited a website that bombards you with pop-windows, then you know how irritating that is. Sometimes it seems like each window you close launches two new windows. This is a prime example of how NOT to use pop-windows. Nothing will cause your visitor to leave more quickly.
  • Try to use a script that utilizes cookies. This will enable you to decide how often your window should appear instead of it continually launching each time the page is entered.
  • Make sure you always provide your visitors with an easy way to close your window. Consider adding a button or link to the bottom of your window to enable your visitors to instantly close it when they're finished.
  • Make sure your window is large enough to view your information. If your window is too small and you have disabled the scrollbars, part of your message will not be visible to your visitors.

Here are a few tips to help you increase your offer's response rate:

  • Use a powerful headline that demands attention
  • Enlarge your headline's font size
  • Include your offer's most important benefits within your headline
  • Use incentives to increase your offer's response rate
  • Keep your message short and to the point
  • Ask your visitors to take action

If you would be interested in adding a pop-under window to your site, I highly recommend the "Pop-Window Generator" at This powerful online utility will enable you to fill out a simple form and instantly generate the pop-window code for your pages. This generator will enable you to select the type of pop-window, set the length of cookies, and completely customize the look and feel of your window. The only requirement to use this free utility is that you must be a subscriber of WillMaster Possibilities. This is a great publication and I highly recommend subscribing.

You can also find a pop-under JavaScript here:

If you're considering adding a pop-window to your site, please do so with caution. The last thing you want to do is drive your visitors away. If done correctly, pop-windows can be a very effective marketing tool.

Copyright © Shelley Lowery

About the Author: Shelley Lowery is the author of the acclaimed web design course, Web Design Mastery. And, Ebook Starter - Give Your Ebooks the look and feel of a REAL book. Visit to sign up for a complimentary subscription to Etips and receive a copy of the acclaimed ebook, "Killer Internet Marketing Strategies."

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Corey Rudl Scam Merchant or Marketing Genius  


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by Michael Cheney


Corey Rudl was one of the Internet's early pioneers. It's believed he may even have founded the concept of affiliate marketing itself. Together with his group of internet marketing experts over at the Internet Marketing Center, he's been selling products and services online for years and years. Now the fact that Corey Rudl earned millions every year wasn't just down to his first mover advantage. It's also based on the fact that he provided excellent products and excellent advice.

Sadly, Corey Rudl died on June 2, 2005 in a car accident. He was a passenger in a Porsche that was racing, which was one of his hobbies. But Corey Rudl's name will live on forever and his legacy will remain on the Internet for many, many years. He really was a true pioneer of online marketing. He has to go down as one of the most successful internet marketing experts that there's ever been.

His training course "The Insider Secrets" has been selling by the bucket-load for years and years. Now the course "Insider Secrets to Internet Marketing" was one of the first that I actually bought and it really had a profound affect on my online business. A lot of the things I do to this very day, in terms of earning revenue online, are done through what Corey Rudl taught me.

Now when I first came across this site I thought this might be a Corey Rudl scam. I really did think it might have been a scam, because the way that the sales letter was written on his website made it seem as if it was all just hype. But that was the thing about the Corey Rudl style. He told it like it was and it really is remarkable because Corey Rudl and the Internet Marketing Center people have sold over 14 million dollars worth of products on the Internet. So they know arguably more than anyone else online about website promotion.

When I started going through the course, I realized that it wasn't like all the other things that were on sale on the Internet. To begin with, it's a physical product so it actually arrives in the mail. It comes in two massive binders that are around 5 inches (or 10 cm) thick and you get CDs with it. It took me hours and hours to work through it. On virtually every page I found something of value; something that I could actually use to get more revenue into my business.

So I changed my opinion that Corey Rudl was not a scam artist and that he really is a marketing genius. That is the reason why his name is still bouncing around the Internet today, even though he is sadly no longer with us. So even if you're not interested in buying his products I urge you to take a look at his website, try his free email course and just look at the style that the website is created in to see what you can draw from it to improve your own website.

Michael Cheney
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An Entrepreneur And A Life To Be Remembered  


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Author: Tim Knox
An Entrepreneur And A Life To Be Remembered

I was reminded of my own mortality today. I guess you can say I had a near death experience, though the death I experienced was not my own.No, I was never in any danger, nor was my life ever threatened.In fact, I was sitting in the air conditioned comfort of my home office sipping a nice cup of coffee and watching the dogs
run around the yard when the moment came.

The sun was shining. The birds were chirping. Life was going along just fine.Death was the furthest thing from my mind. Then the news came that Corey Rudl had been killed in a high speed crash at a race track in California. At the moment of his death at the young age of 34, Corey was a passenger in a Porsche that hit a retaining wall at over 100 miles per hour, killing him instantly and the driver shortly thereafter. The track had been rented by a local car club so that Corey and his buddies could take their expensive, powerful cars to the track to see how fast they could go.

Corey died doing what he loved. Those closest to him say he would not have had it any other way. Corey Rudl was not a professional race car driver. He was an entrepreneur, and one of the best of his breed. Most of you who read this column probably have no idea who Corey Rudl was or what he accomplished during his short life, and that’s OK. You also have no idea of the imprint he made on me and millions of others who make our living (at least in part)
as online marketers. Again, that’s OK. For all his accomplishments, those who knew him well have said that Corey
was more concerned about building his businesses than being a public figure. By those accounts, Corey never really cared about being in the public limelight, even though he was probably the most visible and successful entrepreneur in his field.

Perhaps that’s why Corey Rudl was so successful. He knew what was really important when it came to building a business. The limelight came easy to him, but his focus always seemed to be on making his business stronger, serving his customers better. He also knew that there was life beyond business, and he pursued that life with a passion and energy that most of us can only imagine.

Corey Rudl’s story is the classic entrepreneur’s tale. He started his business from his kitchen table just a few short
years ago selling a homemade booklet he had written on how to get the best deal on a new car. From that modest start Corey built an internet marketing empire that has generated $40 million dollars in revenue in just a few years.

Corey was the definitive internet marketing guru. He was young, energetic, and highly passionate about his business and his industry. He wrote and spoke frequently on the topics of internet marketing and business success and that’s where he and I briefly crossed paths. We were both expert columnists for and exchanged several polite emails, nothing really personal, mind you, mostly swapping compliments of each others work.

Much of Corey’s time in recent years was spent teaching others how to do what he had done: build a successful online business from scratch. For a man of just 34 years, he packed in decades of expertise and knowledge and he shared it with anyone who would listen, including yours truly. I never personally spoke or shook hands with Corey Rudl, but I was his customer, his student, and ultimately an admirer. I can attribute much of the success of my own online business to Corey’s teachings and principles. He was one of those rare birds that you didn’t have to meet to feel like you were on a first-name basis with him. Everyone in my little circle of internet marketing friends simply referred to him as “Corey” and we spoke of him warmly, as a friend and mentor. He set the bar for all of us. We wanted to achieve his level of success. We wanted to hit his heights. We wanted to be the entrepreneur
that he was.

Corey had just recently married the girl of his dreams. He was a millionaire many times over. He had a big house and fancy cars and a future so bright he had to wear shades. His business was thriving. Life was perfect. Corey Rudl truly had the world by the tail and there was no chance he’d ever let go. I imagine he was holding on tight until the very end. The lessons we learn from the death of Corey Rudl are the same lessons we always learn when someone so young and vibrant is suddenly taken from us. As entrepreneurs we should take those lessons and apply them not only to our own lives, but to our businesses, as well. Lesson One: live everyday as if it is your last, because it just might be. As entrepreneurs we often think that our businesses have to come first on our list of priorities. It’s not until a tragedy reminds us that life is too short that we think about making time for the things in life that are really
important. Get out from behind your desk. Go play with your kids. Hug your wife. Call your mother.

Lesson Two: be passionate about business, but never let it eclipse your passion for life. Corey was a true ntrepreneur
whose passion for business was unparalleled, but by all accounts he also knew that a life devoted strictly to business
was a life not lived to its fullest. Corey died doing what he loved. Some will argue that his passion killed him and in a way that’s true, but I have to believe that before he knew he was in danger Corey had a smile on his face a mile wide. He would not have lived his life any other way.

As I finish this column my oldest daughter has come in to ask if I’d like the honor of taking her out to Sunday brunch.
She’s seventeen now. She has a job, a car, and a life that is very much her own. Chances to be graced with her presence grow rarer with each passing week. Still, any other day I might have weighed her invitation against the eight million business-related things that need my attention.

Today, however, the decision is easy. I usually end my column with the words, “Here’s to your success.”

This week let me end with, “Here’s to your life.”

Tim Knox
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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Trivia behind Google # 1 Ranking -Keyword Density Vs Link Popularity  


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By: Ref-Dem

Search Engines are all the time HIGHEST FREE TRAFFIC generators. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the core for any successful Online Marketing Odyssey. Just designing a niche and good content site with plenty of highly competitive keywords staffing never deludes the responsibilities of a webmaster. Rather his responsibilities starts here! The webmasters have to take into account of some of the broad-based factors like- PageRank, Link Popularity etc etc. After designing and developing a website, the most critical buzzword that brainstorms the webmasters is the SEO. Giving importance to some of the on-page SEO factors and becoming more SE friendly, every webmaster can overlap the Brainstorming and never have to loose money in hiring a professional SEOer.

What is Keyword Density ?

Keyword Density is just an on-page SEO criteria that determines the Page Rank of a website. Keyword density is a measure of the number of times your keyword appears on a page expressed as a percentage of the total word-count of that page.

Keyword Density = Count of a particular keyword or keyphrase / Total number of keywords or keyphrases in the page.

Suppose, your keyphrase "affiliate program" occurred in your webpage 5 times and your total number of keywords or keyphrases is 225. Then your keyword density = 5/200 or 0.025% only. There are lots of elaboration regarding the Optimum Keyword Density among the SEO experts, as there is no written documentation. Till the date of writing the article, this is what I am fanatically looking about. But my regrets, I couldn't find out accurate answer till date. Can anybody acknowledge me??

While surfing the net, however I got an article submitted by respected SEO expert Wayne Hurlbert at, where he coins out 2% as the Optimum Keyword Density level for Google and 5% as ideal Keyword Density level for Yahoo and MSN. He adds that exceeding the limit of 2% is subject to penalty by Google! However, this is a halftone picture of the whole landscape.,,, are a few of the free keyword density analyzers -all that I can recommend for your better analysis. I have used and found results out of them. You can use or The advantage of over is that, you can use the first for indexing your blog or sites with sub-domain name.

Five Easy But Effective Tips for Better Search Engine PageRanking :

First, before writing content pages search the most competitive keywords matching your theme keyword through SBI Search-it tool developed by Ken Evoy. Suppose your theme keyword is "Free Affiliate Program". Plant the keyword in the Title and Meta tag of the webpage. Now search the other competitive keywords relevant to the Keyword "Free Affiliate Program" through SBI Search-it. SBI Search-it will provide a list hundreds of keywords according to their competitiveness in descending order based on your theme keyword. ( In my instance of selected keyword- "Free Affiliate Program", a list of competitive keywords will crop up like - best affiliate program, affiliate program software, casino affiliate, online affiliate program, pay per click affiliate program , Internet marketing affiliate program, affiliate marketing program ,web master affiliate program, free online affiliate program etc.)

Now choose any two most competitive but closely related keywords relative to your theme keyword. Plant the keywords overand over again in every prominent place of the webpage, including Meta Tag, Description, Title, Anchor Text, ALT tag etc. While plastering the keywords in the page be cautious, so that it is not hampering the flow of your content.

Second, use a site map page and see that every webpage is cross-linked to the main page. Some Search Engines like Google weighs this kind of inbound linking. Use some extra formatting on the selected keywords according to convenience. Some reputed SEOers suggests formatting on the keywords and placing of the keywords on the start of the page.

Third, if you have successfully plant the first range of most competitive keywords, select the second range of less competitive keywords and sprint on the newly created webpages. Never apply Door-away strategies or any other kind of Keyword manipulation. This would rather bring you to trial by Google or other major SEs.

Fourth, analyze your keyword density and Search Engine ranking regularly, at least after every posting. Measure and keep track of changes in the ranking accrued out of every consecutive posting. In case of any declination of Search Engine ranking, please verify your keyword placement strategies instantly. Otherwise you are loosing money and traffic. For maximum free targetted traffic from the SEs, you must have to work planfully, so that your site is linked on the first page of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Fifth, keyword density and link popularity are not two different contravening factors of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Rather, they are complement to each other. Proper blending of content rich webpages, with highest keyword proximity and link popularity can propel your site's ranking at SEs undoubtedly. Link popularity refers to the number and quality of the incoming links that are pointing to one site. If the pointing site is from an authenticated and high ranked site, more popularity points will be credited to your site by the SEs. The importance of inbound or in-pointing links from some credible site is growing more and more these days, as some of the major SEs are factoring inbound links as part of formulating ranking algorithm. To know more about link popularity please refer to the previous post at my blog :

Content is King-Ken Evoy. I do believe on his CTPMconcept. He taught me, building a rich content-based webpage with quality product and after sales service is the only shortcut to ride on the top of SE ranking chart !! Confused? Anybody will be, unless one completely read the "Affiliate Master Course" compiled by Ken Evoy. Starting your own Free Affiliate Program will give you more focus and publicity, which otherwise you were missing through your individual efforts. If you are interested to lounch your Free Affiliate Program right today with minimal investment, please subscribe Terrey Dean's NetOfficeToolbox. Here Dean provides a bunch of very essential Online Marketing tools like AutoResponder, Ad tracking system and many other managerial tools for FREE !!! SEs see Blogs as the bowl of real content and natural links. Hook your website with your weblog and do regular podcasting and ping. Adding a forum on your subject will provide you another advantage to extra keywords. So, get start today and ramify your ideas. HAPPY NEW YEAR......

About the author:

Purna Borkotoki is a part time Affiliate Marketer and blogger. His blog Referral Demagogue is a daunting job from the self-styled blogger, where he unveils every tip and trap of online marketing. His real life online journal is his mouthpiece, where he unveils every facet of online marketing he learnt throughout his three years of online venture. For more Free Affiliate Program resources and articles,Syndicate The Feed.

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