Thursday, October 01, 2009

How to build your own profit pulling Flash Headers  


After a long gap I have got some extra time to devote to this blog and my respacted readers as well. So, I wanted to provide something valuable to my visitors which could be worthy for investing their valuable time on my blog too.

I want to represent an incredible FLASH HEADER CREATOR which would save your extra time and money both. Don't outsource somebody for which you have a good solution!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Free People Search Engines  


Dear friends,

I have discoverd something very very impotant and probably the best people search engine on date- which I want to share with you all. If you forgot to note down the contact numbers, email address or communication address of your friends, colleagues or someone special, here is a very good people search engine for all of us called- The people search engine automatically collect the email addresses, link in webpages, photos, communication address and many more all at once.. very cool...

There is another good one - called Acme People Search Engine. You easily can earn $125 in 24 hours after completing the 3 success steps. Anyone can earn at least $200 simply referring just 4 members in a day.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

25 Tips To GDI Affiliate Marketing Success  


The GDI Riches- Part III

The day I joined GDI (Global Domain Internetional) I personally felt proud to be part of a great GLOBAL TEAM of Online Entrepreneurs. It was a day of excitement as the income opportunity with GDI is immense. Talk.Ws the official forum for the GDI members is specially great for any home business starter like me. People are kind & equally anxious to offer their best service & suggestions in real time...

Like any other offline business, Online Small Home Based Businesses/MLM businesses require some sort of patience, hard work, enthusiasm, and a GOOD IDEAS WITH SOUND PLANNING before you get your initial success...
  • "You can't overestimate the need to plan and prepare. In most of the mistakes I've made, there has been this common theme of inadequate planning beforehand. You really can't over-prepare in business!" - Chris Corrigan
  • "When I started out in business, I spent a great deal of time researching every detail that might be pertinent to the deal I was interested in making. I still do the same today. People often comment on how quickly I operate, but the reasonI can move quickly is that I've done the background work first, which no one usually sees. I prepare myself thoroughly, and when it is time to move ahead, I am ready to sprint" -Donald Trump
Carol Rivet's article "25 Tips To MLM/Network Marketing Business Success" is something I wanted to offer to my visitors as well... because it helped me to understand the secrets for being successful Online MLM marketer. GDI is simply an MLM, based on the pyramid scheme of marketing. GDI has a very formidable productbase with higher customer satisfaction and with a very lucrative compensation plan for their referers. So in this context, I felt Rivet's 25 MLM/Network Marketing tips very worthful for the growth in our GDI business in the long run with 100% downline retention - full story on.

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Friday, May 01, 2009

What to publish on the GDI website?  


In the first chapter, we got fare idea about the background, products and income opportunity involved with Global Domain International (GDI). I am invloved with many of the home business related forums. Where I have found lots of queries from the GDI members regarding prospecting, building team and getting free traffic to their site. In general when an affiliate marketer joins GDI for an alternate income, the BIG question for him like many others are-

  • How to choose the best domain name for your GDI website?
  • What to publish on the website?
  • How to publish a website with GDI FREE Domain hosting?
  • How to monetize the website?
  • How to get traffic to the website?

These are the basic questions that creep up in the mind of the affiliates after joining GDI. In this article, I shall try to provide a GOOD SOLUTION to these problems, specially a good answer for the first two questions often raised by the GDI affiliates. For your better perusal, I want to categorize our visitors in two helves- a) Novice b) Experts. Everyday hundreds of affiliates join GDI for an alternative income, irrespective of their expertise in the field of online marketing. So, hereby I shall look into the interests of both the classes of GDI affiliates.

NOVICE: If you are very new to online marketing, don't know/wast time in the HTML codings, content development, following up the prospects and want everything in autopilot - here is the best solution for YOU. In this process you need to choose any of the options, join and update YOUR affiliate IDs, that's all. Our dedicated experts will help you to build and upload your own money making website, following up the prospects and the marketing for you.

  • Option #1: Setting Up A People Search Engine
    According to a latest finding- 30% of all searches on Google or Yahoo on a day is people specific. To meet the growing demand in this exploding Niche, I shall recommend you to join Tissa Godavitarne's Acme-People-Search-Engine. Tissa is the one of the top performers in the GDI Leaderboard. He has sustained his top position for a few months consistently through his own innovative idea- People Search Engine! Joining his People Search Engine you will have many advantages. First- it is a GDI downline Builder. Second- Tissa will set up your own people-search-engine on your own GDI domain, just you need to update your GDI user id and password in the Add/Edit ID's section. Third- you can tap the new rising market of People Search Engine. Fourth- you earn Guaranteed $125 just within 24 hours after you have completed the three necessary steps to success as sign-up bonus. Fifth- you gain $40 free advertising for the first month thereafter- Tissa charges only $29 for providing you all the service. Sixth- you earn affiliate commissions from more than 6 (Six) online income opportunities including Tissa's Acme People Search Engine (total $30 in three steps) by sourcing visitors to your customized people search engine. Till date, Tissa has paid more than $223,493.00 to its affiliates, of which $43,625.00 was the Guaranteed Commission. Poeple like you and me are earning hundreds of dollars - here is the PROOF.

    The whole process of setting up a people search engine is so simple and lucid that anybody can make huge profit out of it!! Tissa is busy now a day developing a Forced-Matrix GDI console. The benefit will be manifold for you and me!! The chances of getting 5 referrals for qualifying the GDI bonus pool will be very high i.e. another $100 per week?

    How To Choose The Domain Name of The People Search Engine? : While signing up the Acme People Search Engine, you will be requested to choose your choice from a number of domain hosting service. Acme offers three Domain Hosting services in total during registration viz- GDI (my preference), StartLogic. You have to choose any of them. Whatever domain hosting services you prefer- just I request you to spend a few hours on choosing the right domain name. I have seen many of the GDI affiliates who choose their GDI login id as the name of the domain. I think it is a very bad practice. According to the recent search engine algorithm, the domains which have sufficient keyword placements on the domain name get more traffic or search engines index these domains more quickly than the deceptive domain names. So, I think we should spend a few hours on proper keyword research before choosing the domain name. If you are using Acme, I think your domain name should be like-, You can use to make a free keyword research on the respective niche. In the next posting, I shall try to Elaborate deliberately on this issue...

    Now, you are all set with your new People Search Engine! Isn't it GREAT? You have published your first GDI website, without brainstorming!! Now, you need to get traffic and build your GDI downline. What shall you do? I have a simple solution... Do nothing... just join a few traffic exchange programs and create a campaign. Promote your website or Acme referral link and earn credit points surfing 500-1000 pages a day. You will see tremendous traffic to your website in a few days as well as you make a great start without spending a dime in name of advertising. Or if you can afford $50 dollars for a PPC campaign, hire the expertise of and promote your Acme-People-Search referral link. You get as much as $30 per referral plus $125 sign-up bonus! I recommend Bidvertiser mainly for three reasons- a) it's so simple that a child can apply b) lowest key bid rates c) highest conversion ratio.

    Option #2 : Money Making Free Niche Website

    TheSpiderWebsystem is the most sought after affiliate program so far. In total 22 step-by-step tutorial videos will guide you through what to do in the next step. Many of the successful GDI affiliates are resorting to this GDI downline builder. Believe me- in less than 24 hours TheSpiderWebstem Team will help you to create your own money making GDI website, after you join and complete all the SIX success steps. Weekly webiners, tutorial videos, marketing resources provided by the Spider Team will help you to obtain your desired 2nd income in very limited time. TheSpiderWebsystem is effective to build downline for more than 12 cutting edged multi-level affiliate programs from their back office.

    Option #3 : Money Making Free Niche Website 2

    Michael Cobb's Home Income Team (HIT) is my next preference to Acme-People-Search. Here I got some flexibilities, which are unlikely in other GDI downline builders and money making opportunities. HIT website builder generates your own readymade niche money making website in just a few minutes, which you can upload at your own domain.

    Reasons for which HIT is spacial for me:

    => Michael Cobb's free money making websites come with a personalized auto-responder, enabling you to capture the leads with your personal TrafficWave Auto-responders. This way you can increase the sales by 1000%, re-utilizing your leads in the near future!!

    => You get a very professional, money making website embedded with more than 24 affiliate ids. Unlimited residual income opportunity from a single website!!

    => You can promote your own affiliate programs except those provided by HIT.

    => Weekly/monthly free webiners, training videos and marketing resources to succeed in your business.

    => Cobb's website templates are keyword dense and Search Engine friendly. My most of the visitors are organic and traffic to my blog is increasing every month...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Where to buy World of Warcraft (WoW) Upgraded Accounts  


A series of new reports from DFC Intelligence ( forecasts, total PC game revenue is expected to reach $19 billion by the year 2013. Though PC is the leading platform for online game revenue, revenue from console online games is expected to show significant growth during this period. Thanks to the proliferation of high-speed Internet connections, Xbox Live Marketplaces, the PlayStation Stores, and the Wii Shops, which have directly or indirectly contributed to the staggering growth rate of the Online Game Business as a whole. According to a recent Bloomberg report, in February, U.S. retail sales of consoles, games and accessories increased 10 percent from a year earlier, according to researcher NPD Group Inc. The industry will expand 5 percent to 10 percent in 2009.

The Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) World of Warcraft (WoW): is currently the dominant MMORPGs in the world with more than 60% of the subscribing player base, and with 11-12 million monthly subscribers worldwide, is the most popular Western title among MMOGs. The startling sales growth of MMORPGs seems to bucking the global melt-down these days!! Since its debut on November 23, 2004, World of Warcraft has become the most popular MMORPG around the world and have gloriously crossed the the 10 million userbase in the last year. World of Warcraft (WoW) from Vivendi Universal’s Blizzard Entertainment, now hosts over 2 million subscribers in Europe, over 2.5 million in North America, and approximately 5.5 million in Asia. The quest for the new versions of the MMORPGs is evident in the emarging markets like - Tiwan, India, South Korea, Japan, Russia and China.

Where to Buy WoW Game Cards?

I am not a video gammer. But I appreciate the way people enjoy their time with multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft with fullest patience for 8-10 hours at a raw without stress!! But I have a good news for the WoW gamers who wants to a buy 60 days pre-paid game card, CD key codes to create or upgrade a U.S or Oceanic World of Warcraft account (WoW Account). Here the vendors sell both WoW Alliance Characters & WoW Horde accounts including all classes, druid, hunter, mage, paladin, priest, rogue, shaman, warlock, warrior, and death knight accounts. Buy WoW character from their large inventory of WoW accounts. If you are loosing patience and wants to try some new Avatars buy one today!! GOOD LUCK !!