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IT'S all about my Social Networking Site, where I enjoy the most- its FRIENDSWIN.COM!

Though this posting may seem to be too much pitchy and too much marketing oriented, its true that Friendswin have changed the whole gamut of social networking with more user oriented services... is a social networking site being integrated with VIDEO to create amazing applications. Video dating, video resumes and video conferencing are only three...

But what's the "clincher"? Friendswin has an incredible affiliate marketing program that pays commissions for signups for people actively marketing the site. With our 5x8 "SUPER MATRIX", affiliates are paid 8 levels deep, and generate substantial overrides on their downline. Check out the compensation program here! combines top online industries to make you money!

1. Social Networking
- Growing 89%/yr, expected to double in the next 2 years! (Imagine being the first person in MySpace and then getting paid on marketing and sponsoring the huge numbers of new members that followed!)

2. Online Dating. This is a HUGE online industry too, with over 35 million users. But what happens when you combine with YouTube?'s called FRIENDSWIN.COM

3. Online Job Boards... Ever try to stand-out by posting a text based resume on Monster or HotJobs? Tell your friends to use Friendswin to host their video based resumes....and see the offers pour in!

4. The Internet Home Business Industry - Absolutely Huge! Friendswin lets you build a downline of over 450,000 people. Get paid overrides on customer purchases on all these products. And if you consider how many people will use Friendswin that you can get paid on....well, you can be in Doctor or Laywer income territory for sure....

Now you know the basics, Sign-up NOW and make sure you and your friends are with us for the opportunity of a lifetime!

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Online Casino Sites Reviewed  


Just how much online ad money spills forth from the gambling industry slot machine is unclear. However, insiders estimate the largest Web gambling firm, PartyGaming, spends anywhere from $100 million to $200 million trying to reach the U.S. audience; the company spends on a variety of offline and online ad media. According to PartyGaming's 2005 annual report, about $860 million -- 88 percent of its total 2005 revenues -- was derived from its poker operation, and 34 percent of those poker monies were generated through its affiliate network. Nearly 84% of PartyGaming's online players are U.S.-based According to a report published in 2006, on the brink of enactment of Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act/2006

SEs stoped accepting paid listings, PPC advertisements. Many hoped the Industry will crush and the Google, Overture and other SEs will feel a major thrash in Ad Revenues generated either from paid listing or PPC programs. But if retrospect and see whole gamut from another angle- due to the Great Death of the Major Online Casinos the small players and popping up just like wild fire since 2006 even more vigorously. If you surf a while any Casino Directory like you will be amazed by the size of the directories. More than thousand online casino, gambling and gaming sites are reviewed so far at

If you find the root of the evil- you find the die hard marketing of the affiliate marketers. Marc Lesnick, who runs the Casino Affiliate Convention conference series, estimates the average experienced gambling affiliate site operator rakes in anywhere from $2,000 to $25,000 a month through ad commissions from real money gambling sites.

Online gambling is becoming harder and harder for Americans to take part in because of the U.S. government. I know many of my readers bet online and are often in a fix as to what casino to go for, what is highly recommended. offers you to pick the casinos by choosing them ranked or game-wise. In the ranked order, the casinos are listed according to their ranking. Details of bonuses, editor rating, player rating and reviews are given. In game based ranking, the casinos are ranked according to the ranking of the particular game at the casino. The popular games available are Blackjack, Video Poker, Baccarat and Keno among others. They even have a wide selection of articles on betting, online gambling, what online casino to choose and so on.

At Online Casino Reviews they list which casinos are open to Americans so you avoid going through the hassle of downloading the program and having to delete it because it isn’t open to you. For each entry you will find a detailed review, the casino certificate, the available bonus, the editor rating and also the players rating. If you are about to take part in online gambling, take security provisions seriously. The reviews will help you out...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Great Challange Ahead to Retailers in India!!  


A Few Facts that Jerked my Mind:

Fact A: US online apparel sales

According to one estimate, US online apparel sales (including accessories and footwear) reached $18.3 billion in 2006 and replaced computer hardware/software as the largest online retail category i.e a 31% increase over the previous year. However, US online apparel sales constitutes only 8% of the total transactions, many optimist online marketing experts expects the figure to grow in future.

Fact B: US consumer package goods (CPG)

The food and beverage category now leads the US consumer package goods (CPG) industry in online advertising, but in 2006 it still spent only a little over 2% of its total $8.6 billion advertising spending budget online. The CPG Online report analyzes the online spending trends of one of the largest and most influential advertising categories. Representing a large part of the category, food and beverage advertisers cut spending in every major media last year—except the Internet, and eMarketer estimates they will spend $288 million advertising online in 2007, a 36.6% increase over last year.

eMarketer estimates that US retail e-commerce sales (excluding travel) will reach $131 billion this year. As the online channel matures, from now to 2011, the annual average growth rate will slow to 17.5% (contrasting 24.7% reported in the period 2003-05), and increased spending by existing online buyers–rather than new buyers coming online–will be the driving factor.

However, if you see the report as a whole there are still great day ahead for the online marketers.

According to another report on total online population countrywide US Online User penetration is only 63%, Germany 47.8%, followed by other emerging markets like China- 10.2% , India-2.3%. In my country India, where total Credit Card penetration is not more than 2% on the date, but the percentage hopefully to increase by 10% in next course of 5-7 years, followed by extensive Micro-Credit Financing by NBFCs. Increased issue of Credit Cards, more research and implementation of internet security provisions will definitely boost the online transactions in developing countries like India and China, worldwide in overall…

India bears great potentiality into the future, where the real consuming class/ the middle class people is to hit 63% of the total population by 2011. Luxury, Consumer Durable, Electronics, and Jewelry are among the hot favorites in the online tray of these burgeoning Middle-Class Consumers. These class of people bears large propensity to consumption. Specially, in the metropolies (where retail markets like Pentaloon & BigBazar is available) the middle-class spending lavishly on luxury and household goods. The giant retail chains like Petnaloon has even camouflaged recently on Cyber Media by introducing In the next 3-5 years I guess, will even bit on total volume of online transactions.

So I think, there is every possibility for a small retailer or whole-seller to nab the market from the clutches of the Big Retail Chains, by implementing technology driven sales, adding value addition in services. By the word technology driven sales, I beg your notice to the Online Marts like- US-Canadian Gift & Flower Site . provide need-based sales to its customers, shipping and typically provide concessions on costlier gift items too.

Attention small business owners. If you own a small business that is primarily run on the internet, and have been searching for a company that will enable you to use reliable and easy to use shopping cart software. is an ecommerce company that provides shopping cart software amongst other not only provides the shopping cart software for your company. They also offer design services such as logo design, homepage design and standard website design. So you don’t have to worry about designing your site which happens to be a common problem most business owners run also allows you to choose from Shopping cart software pricing depending on your company websites popularity. is just an example from large list of online marts. But if you think, you have competitive advantage on your products over the tycoons; you need to choose a Shopping cart software to start selling online. Ashop Commerce provides a turn-key ecommerce solution with it's revolutionary online store building software. provide you the best solution to establish a world class-Search Engine friendly but easy to set up complete operational storefront. Ashop is accredited many awards for providing the complete solution to host shopping cart software. Its key feature includes- World-Class easy to set-up solution, Complete Inventory Control and management solution, Category wise/product based report, customizable daily sales reports, to issue customer centric discounts and gift certificates, bulk order processing, low hosting cost, integrated with major banks and to gateways and third party processors including PayPal. The software is easy to use no knowledge of html is required. They also offer a free user manual, tutorial movies and knowledge base. also provides free technical support through email, phone, or online chat service. If you still aren’t convinced then try their free trial.

And many more on….