Monday, June 25, 2007

200+ Free Giveaways with Resell Rights by Cody Moya  


Dear Netpreneurs,

My today's posting is all about some of the best affiliate programs, that are ready to write BIG Cheques in your name for every sale you make just by referring their products. My today's post is all about a bucket of Online Money Making Opportunities from Cody Moya. This is undoubtedly your BIG chance to leave those who are scratching their heads wondering why their online money-making attempts aren’t working behind.

Last week, I was scouting for some best resources and money making ideas who work in tandem to my blog, which is easy to promote/viral in nature. I surfed a lots of search pages, I got a bounty of information. But which lured my eyes was Cody Moya's Cody Moya has a bucket full of online resources/free tips/articles for every net starter. I will neighther pretend to be an Online Guru nor an SEO Expert. I am simply an affiliate marketer, who are trying to learn through my experiences and following the experts.

Affiliate marketing or affiliate program promotion has seen a stiff competition in the last 3 years. The life of affiliate marketers in 2003 were at least a little cozier than the new entrants. Today, the only key to successful affiliate marketing is simply the wit to take calculated steps with proper timing based on the best knowledge on SEO to AutoResponder handling; which in turn demands best knowledge and coaching.

So, my motto behind developing and publishing this blog was to provide the best resources in the net to my sales force and my visitors as well. My heartiest effort will always remain the same, to help any newbie/new affiliate marketing aspirant to deliver the highest quality resources, which will help them and me to keep our learning curve stiff upward; which in essence is the PILLAR OF SUCCESSFUL AFFILIATE MARKETING.

I am feeling myself greatful for being able to provide this few resources which I discovered today Cody Moya's website This is an amazing collection of audio files, which features the best guidance/tutorials from all of the following all time great marketing experts like-

Alex Mandossian; David Garfinkel; Derek Gehl; Declan Dunn; Jim Edwards; Jimmy D Brown; Joel Christopher; Jonathan Mizel; Marlon Sanders; Shawn Casey; Yanik Silver only a few from the grand list!!

Other bonuses:

a) Free review site ready to promote your products, a $1097 value. Now for FREE !!

b) : Moya's provide Free PRIVATE ACCESS to this $397 Value, 200 Master Resell Rights Pack!! His giant list of products with Resall Rights will undoubtedly work for you as perpetual viral marketing tool. If you are an webmaster and want your visitors to provide some good intellectual stuff- Moya's ResellrightsPack is the best bet for you. It will definitely help you to increase your list retention. All the more you can earn upto 75% of the commissions your Clickbank account for sales of One Time Offer, which is presented immediately after somebody created free account in your downline.

Here is just a glimpse of the plethora of free tools/ resources with full resell rights, you are willing to download-

100 Instant PDF Templates; 100+ Website Templates; 101 eBay Power Seller Secrets; 99 Websites you should have bookmarked; Auto Hits Machine; Blog in a Box; Click Bank Automation Scripts; Create Instant PDF; eBay Auction Marketing E-Course; Easy PDF Publisher's Toolkit; Ezine Blaster; Floating Ads Creator; How to Earn a Full-time Living on Ebay; How To; Increase Web Sales 1700%; Business Goldmine: 100 Low Risk; High-Return Internet Business Models!; Money Bombs: 100 Explosive Revenue Campaigns!; The 30 minute marketing miracle; Viral Marketing Secrets; Working with Clickbank; How to Build Back Links To Your Website; How to Build Thousands of Contacts Through Social Networking are only a few of 200+ products you are going to download here!!

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