Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In regards to Alex Savkin's article marketing guidance  


Let me share my first article submission experience. I've wrote an article that was almost perfect, it was proofreaded (English is not my first language), there were some guerilla marketing tricks implemented, and I liked it a lot! I've submitted it to article web-sites and ... I've got no results. Why? Because:

  • I did not understood what I was doing;

  • What goals I need to achieve;

  • How to measure my results;

  • I did not know anything!

I knew that articles work ... but my article did not worked for me.

Then I've started submitting more articles, I've tried to find more information, I've tried to analyze what works and what doesn't. In a 1 year I've finally got a good results. These results were better, these results were measurable, I've started INVESTING, meaning putting money in my business and getting a feedback, instead of just paying.

This was a simple self analytical explanation by Alex Savkin, Yaap, his analysis have base. I myself published a few articles on some Article Sites a few weeks back. But I didn't found desired result. Why? If I retrospect at this moment, I think the main reason behind my failure were-

  • Firstly, my articles were less keyword dense and I replaced less targeted niches in the articles I published.
  • Secondly, I didn't used any Ad Tracker to track the CTR.
  • Thirdly, the titles I used to address my visitors was dull to attract the eyeballs of the visitors.
  • Fourthly, failure to use matching niches at the title.

With the bulging number of websites and blogs, the competition on the competitive Keywords or Niches are becoming more fierce. Every mistake you commit, your competitors will push you back by miles. Article submission is the best online marketing method to get back targeted visitors to your sites, as I have experienced. It increases your PR and indirectly build your own reputation.

I recently downloaded Alex Savkin's ebook curiously, a good value for money. His 12 page content densed eBook encompases the following elements mainly: Article submission philosophy, How to write an article, How to submit an article, How to put article on your web-site, Keywords: what keywords to target, Keywords: track your positions, Submit timeline, Article Marketing and many more....

Well, I simply thank and congratulate Alex for his noble cause and I wish to acknowledge my expectation for a few more books from his pen !! Good Luck..

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