Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blog Reading Is a Free-Floating Affair !  


Thinking of promoting a blog through search? Don't bother.

Two-thirds of blog readers discover blogs by links on other blogs, according to a new report by Vizu
and Ad Age. Recommendations account for another 23% of blog finds.

The fact that blog awareness is effectively spread by word-of-mouth is key for anyone using one in a campaign. Not only can you not build it and expect them to come, you cannot even build it and optimize it for search and expect them to come. Blog launches must be accompanied by links on established blogs, and some good recommendations from established, influential bloggers.

Blogs are a valuable resource for certain types of campaigns. Most blog readers are a receptive audience without structured programming expectations, making them perfect for spreading the word about original entertainment.

Two-thirds of blog readers said that they read to be entertained, and 43% said that they read to keep up with personal interests or hobbies (multiple answers were allowed). A third said they read for education and 12% for
business, making these clearly minority opinions.

There does not seem to be a dominant type of information blog readers seek out. Again, this makes them an appealing group, open to buzz and new ideas.

Blogs, like podcasting and virtual worlds such as Second Life, offer a passionate niche audience. At the same time, they typically are not suited for repurposed content, and require special attention from marketers to work well as part of a campaign. This is partly why blogs are not considered very effective by most US advertising executives, according to the American Advertising Federation.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

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