Monday, June 25, 2007

200+ Free Giveaways with Resell Rights by Cody Moya  


Dear Netpreneurs,

My today's posting is all about some of the best affiliate programs, that are ready to write BIG Cheques in your name for every sale you make just by referring their products. My today's post is all about a bucket of Online Money Making Opportunities from Cody Moya. This is undoubtedly your BIG chance to leave those who are scratching their heads wondering why their online money-making attempts aren’t working behind.

Last week, I was scouting for some best resources and money making ideas who work in tandem to my blog, which is easy to promote/viral in nature. I surfed a lots of search pages, I got a bounty of information. But which lured my eyes was Cody Moya's Cody Moya has a bucket full of online resources/free tips/articles for every net starter. I will neighther pretend to be an Online Guru nor an SEO Expert. I am simply an affiliate marketer, who are trying to learn through my experiences and following the experts.

Affiliate marketing or affiliate program promotion has seen a stiff competition in the last 3 years. The life of affiliate marketers in 2003 were at least a little cozier than the new entrants. Today, the only key to successful affiliate marketing is simply the wit to take calculated steps with proper timing based on the best knowledge on SEO to AutoResponder handling; which in turn demands best knowledge and coaching.

So, my motto behind developing and publishing this blog was to provide the best resources in the net to my sales force and my visitors as well. My heartiest effort will always remain the same, to help any newbie/new affiliate marketing aspirant to deliver the highest quality resources, which will help them and me to keep our learning curve stiff upward; which in essence is the PILLAR OF SUCCESSFUL AFFILIATE MARKETING.

I am feeling myself greatful for being able to provide this few resources which I discovered today Cody Moya's website This is an amazing collection of audio files, which features the best guidance/tutorials from all of the following all time great marketing experts like-

Alex Mandossian; David Garfinkel; Derek Gehl; Declan Dunn; Jim Edwards; Jimmy D Brown; Joel Christopher; Jonathan Mizel; Marlon Sanders; Shawn Casey; Yanik Silver only a few from the grand list!!

Other bonuses:

a) Free review site ready to promote your products, a $1097 value. Now for FREE !!

b) : Moya's provide Free PRIVATE ACCESS to this $397 Value, 200 Master Resell Rights Pack!! His giant list of products with Resall Rights will undoubtedly work for you as perpetual viral marketing tool. If you are an webmaster and want your visitors to provide some good intellectual stuff- Moya's ResellrightsPack is the best bet for you. It will definitely help you to increase your list retention. All the more you can earn upto 75% of the commissions your Clickbank account for sales of One Time Offer, which is presented immediately after somebody created free account in your downline.

Here is just a glimpse of the plethora of free tools/ resources with full resell rights, you are willing to download-

100 Instant PDF Templates; 100+ Website Templates; 101 eBay Power Seller Secrets; 99 Websites you should have bookmarked; Auto Hits Machine; Blog in a Box; Click Bank Automation Scripts; Create Instant PDF; eBay Auction Marketing E-Course; Easy PDF Publisher's Toolkit; Ezine Blaster; Floating Ads Creator; How to Earn a Full-time Living on Ebay; How To; Increase Web Sales 1700%; Business Goldmine: 100 Low Risk; High-Return Internet Business Models!; Money Bombs: 100 Explosive Revenue Campaigns!; The 30 minute marketing miracle; Viral Marketing Secrets; Working with Clickbank; How to Build Back Links To Your Website; How to Build Thousands of Contacts Through Social Networking are only a few of 200+ products you are going to download here!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In regards to Alex Savkin's article marketing guidance  


Let me share my first article submission experience. I've wrote an article that was almost perfect, it was proofreaded (English is not my first language), there were some guerilla marketing tricks implemented, and I liked it a lot! I've submitted it to article web-sites and ... I've got no results. Why? Because:

  • I did not understood what I was doing;

  • What goals I need to achieve;

  • How to measure my results;

  • I did not know anything!

I knew that articles work ... but my article did not worked for me.

Then I've started submitting more articles, I've tried to find more information, I've tried to analyze what works and what doesn't. In a 1 year I've finally got a good results. These results were better, these results were measurable, I've started INVESTING, meaning putting money in my business and getting a feedback, instead of just paying.

This was a simple self analytical explanation by Alex Savkin, Yaap, his analysis have base. I myself published a few articles on some Article Sites a few weeks back. But I didn't found desired result. Why? If I retrospect at this moment, I think the main reason behind my failure were-

  • Firstly, my articles were less keyword dense and I replaced less targeted niches in the articles I published.
  • Secondly, I didn't used any Ad Tracker to track the CTR.
  • Thirdly, the titles I used to address my visitors was dull to attract the eyeballs of the visitors.
  • Fourthly, failure to use matching niches at the title.

With the bulging number of websites and blogs, the competition on the competitive Keywords or Niches are becoming more fierce. Every mistake you commit, your competitors will push you back by miles. Article submission is the best online marketing method to get back targeted visitors to your sites, as I have experienced. It increases your PR and indirectly build your own reputation.

I recently downloaded Alex Savkin's ebook curiously, a good value for money. His 12 page content densed eBook encompases the following elements mainly: Article submission philosophy, How to write an article, How to submit an article, How to put article on your web-site, Keywords: what keywords to target, Keywords: track your positions, Submit timeline, Article Marketing and many more....

Well, I simply thank and congratulate Alex for his noble cause and I wish to acknowledge my expectation for a few more books from his pen !! Good Luck..

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Top Ten Reasons to Love U.S. Small Business!!  


List highlights importance of small business to U.S. economy. The Small Business Administration (SBA) has announced the top 10 reasons to love small business, what the SBA's Office of Advocacy calls "the heart of the American economy."
10. Small businesses make up more than 99.7% of all employers.
9. Small businesses create more than 50 percent of the nonfarm private gross domestic product (GDP).
8. Small patenting firms produce 13 to 14 times more patents per employee than large patenting firms.
7. The 22.9 million small businesses in the United States are located in virtually every neighborhood.
6. Small businesses employ about 50 percent of all private sector workers.
5. Home-based businesses account for 53 percent of all small businesses.
4. Small businesses make up 97 percent of exporters and produce 29 percent of all export value.
3. Small businesses with employees start-up at a rate of over 500,000 per year.
2. Four years after start-up, half of all small businesses with employees remain open.
1. The latest figures show that small businesses create 75 percent of the net new jobs in our economy.
The SBA's Office of Advocacy, the "small business watchdog" of the government, examines the role and status of small business in the economy and independently represents the views of small business to federal agencies, Congress, and the President. It is the source for small business statistics presented in user-friendly formats and it funds research into small business issues.
About the Author:
Karen Jones has tried & tested hundreds of home business opportunities over last 9 years, her dynamic and intuitive blog is undoubtedly the best menifestation of her wiz in her domain. Visit her blog.

FREE Online Invoicing & Payment Solution simplified  


Dear Netpreneurs,

If you are an Small Business owner, Webmaster, Online Service Provider, Freelancer than I think today's posting is very much special for you. I am very much excited to represent a very simple but very effective web-based application that lets you easily invoice your clients and get paid faster online. In contrast to the prevalent age-old Online invoicing and payment solutions, (e.g. PayPal, StormPay ) provides FREE, but simple and easy to use web-based invoicing and payment service solution in its just launched BETA version. I personally feel, it can be cost effective alternative to the contempory service providers like PayPal or StormPay.

"SimplifyThis is our pursuit to conquer the complexity of overbearing business processes which should have become simple and efficient with the use of technology."- Mauro Lombarda, Co-founder SimplifyThis is simply the best manifestation of excellence when some purposeful erudite minds work together, specially when it comes to the question of generalizing technology for common purpose.

Co-founder of SimplifyThis and a native Italian, Mauro Lombarda received a bachelor of science in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. Prior to founding SimplifyThis he worked for TXT e-solutions where he helped to grow the company from 10 to more than 500 employees, serving as Technical Director and Chief Technology Officer. He did extensive research and work in the fields
of supply-chain management and demand management. It was during one of TXT's projects where he met Sanjay and a long discussion eventually led to SimplifyThis.

Mauro's interests include computer languages, mathematics and psychology. His interest in computer science started very early with an unforgotten Commodore 64. He loves cooking, good cuisine and fine wines.

Sanjay Kumar is another co-founder of SimplifyThis. Prior to starting SimplifyThis, he worked at Microsoft Corporation and i2 Technologies. He specializes in designing business applications for customer management, accounting and supply-chain management. During his time at Microsoft, Sanjay worked in the Business Solutions division where he held several engineering, product management, and senior advisory positions. He led the efforts to build online services for small businesses, decision support software for Microsoft's ERP line of products, and also worked as an executive advisor to shape the roadmap of Microsoft Dynamics line of products. At i2 Technologies, Sanjay held several senior product management positions for supply-chain management products. Prior to joining i2, he was working as a engineer with Sabre Decision Technologies (Now Sabre Airline Solutions). Sanjay received an MS in Engineering from Penn State University and a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from IIT Bombay.

I am happy to dedicate my posting to these benevolent persons and I wish both of them GOOD LUCK for their successive affluence in their personal Life/Career.

Key Features-

  • Send invoices using email
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Accept payments online
  • No downloads or installs
  • Record one-time and recurring charges
  • Customizable to your business
  • Automated billing
  • One click payment reminders
  • Track payments
  • Many more ...


Purna Borkotoki

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Top Secret Way You Can Get Google AdWords Pay-Per-Clicks FREE  


A new breakthrough secret is all you now need in order to get your Google AdWords pay-per-clicks FREE!
A gentleman from New York discovered what he calls an "oversight" on the part of 99.9% of all marketers that allows him to get otherwise paid-for advertising at Google as well as all other search engines that allow sponsored ads.

And no, nothing about his "secret" is illegal - nor does it require that you know someone on the "inside" at Google, Yahoo, MSN, Overture and others.Instead, the New Yorker boasts proudly "...this is something that I caught onto just before 2000 when there was so much search engine craze running around, and started doing small just to test things at first ... but which I later expanded on after getting the hang of it."

This same fellow went on to start and operate sixteen separate online companies selling everything from pet food, DVDs, children's toys & games, books, software, and sold not only his own manufactured products but became an affiliate for other web businesses - all the while applying his mastermind secret.

Over the course of nearly eight years the New Englander confesses "I've actually gotten over $87 million in advertising that using my secret I never had to pay for ... and the largest share of which was more recently in Google pay-per-clicks as well as other forms of pad advertising at search engines ... all of which I got for free ..."

So powerful is his secret that he's able to monopolize any niche online, and can always secure the top premium spots just above the usual organic results featured at most search engines. He still has to set up an account with the search engines - but after applying his secret he is removed from having to pay for all the costs otherwise involved.Again, nothing about his secret is either illegal or robs from the search engines.

One spokesperson from one of the most popular search engines said chuckling after being made privy to this amazing secret "Wow! Ha! This is really unique ... and in my expert opinion it would only serve to enhance and bring more business to us at [name of search engine withheld for legal & confidentiality reasons] and not cause us to lose business in the slightest. Amazing!"

The northerner revealed that in this nearly eight years' period of time since applying his secret he's done well over $300 million in sales revenue with a most diverse line of products, and most recently in the last two years netted nearly $166 million after really "buckling down and pressing my secret to its fullest potential."

Now to everyone else's fortune, the city slicker is releasing his secret for getting an unlimited amount of pay-per-click ads to the general public. But he's not promising any of us for how long. A bit of an eccentric, the gentleman says "We'll see just how long I can make it available before it saturates things."

One famous public web guru pointed out that although this man may gain economically more so as a result of the publication of his secret "he's already so amazingly rich that whether he continues or discontinues its sale will neither make nor break the man, but not grabbing it for yourself while it's still available could prove disastrous for you as you may only have one chance, and a very limited one at that, to get this."

It is currently available at: you may want to head on over there now and get it.
It's in a very easily readable format and is quickly and readily understood and mastered by anyone with even a 4th grade reading level.

While you're there, why not scroll down and review for yourself the huge successes others are now having with this incredible breakthrough in targeted advertising now made freely available to the rest of us?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Let Stephen show you, how you can earn $1800/Day publishing your Review Site!  


If you are an experienced Online Marketer, you know there are a lots of online opportunities that are popping up everyday just like wild fire and cluttering the Net. If you search the Google for a particular nich keyword, you find a lots of sites offering almost all competitive products of the same range. Often I loss in the choices, as it is very hard choose the right one from so many options.

In such a situation, there comes the importance of Review Sites i.g., where you real consumers add your own valuable suggestions to the vendors for improving their products, exchage ideas ideas, provide your own reviews and flay out the loopholes of any product you purchaged. With the increasing Online consumerism the importance of such review sites are increasing day by day.

In the words of Mr. Stephen Glazer - "Review sites are not rocket science. They are simply web sites that compare and review competing products in the same niche. .... Review sites have tremendous advantages over competing web sites when it comes to turning visitor into buyers. People don't feel that they are being sold a bill of goods when they visit a review site. They believe they are getting unbiased reviews to help them make informed decisions."

"When it comes to turning visitors in buyers the single most important factor is CREDIBILITY. .... If you want to make serious money online with review sites then it is absolutely essential that your visitors trust and value your opinion. Do not underestimate your audience. Consumers are much more sophisticated then many marketers give them credit for and if they smell a rat you can kiss your profits good-bye." - Stephen Glazer

According to Glazer,

Choice + Credibility = Lots of Sales = BIG MONEY

My friend, I am fortunate to come accross a Newly launched system that helps you to publish hundreds of review sites in a week. If you are technically inexperienced, still you can build your first Review Site with the help of Glazer's newly launched Review Site Builder Software in an hour. With this software you will be able to create as many profit-generating websites as you want, all hosted by Glazer 100% free of charge.

3 Easy Steps to publish your first Review site-

  • Choose a few really competitive right products from literally thousands of killer products that practically sell themselves, you generally find in ClickBank, CJ. Choose the products of your choice from either of them and provide a comprehensive review and promote on your site.
  • Use Glazer's Review Site Builder to create instantly create your own money making website.

  • Use the eBooks, Video Tutorials, free tools that are included with your membership at his site to promote your site online.

The Striking Features of Glazer's Money Making system-

  • Create money-making websites in SECONDS with ZERO technical experience.
  • Unlimited income potential - earn as many as 75% commission for just promoting
    a product. Promote as many products you want with your own review site.
  • Hassle Free Online Auto Pilot System- that controls all inventory, customer care,
    logistics and traffic related problems without your intervention.

  • Create unlimited killer sites- any time you want and from any computer you want.

  • Never pay for hosting- All sites are hosted for free by me.

  • Choose from dozens of professionally designed banners for your sites.

  • Use pre-written headlines and reviews that were expertly written by an experienced copywriter and have already proven to be successful.

  • Use any affiliate program on the internet.

  • and much, much more!

For those of you who join today, Glazer is going to throw in, as a free bonus, your own personal version of the same secret review site that made him over $100,000 in four months. Join Review Site Dollars Now for a One-Time Fee of Only $97.00 !!

Get the Secrets to Making Money Online!  


You’ve been waiting for a long time and finally its here- an affiliate program that will blow all the others out of the water!

The already popular TheSecondTier affiliate training center has undergone a complete information and visual makeover. As an affiliate you’ll get more tools and they’ll be more powerful than ever. This translates directly into cha-ching!

Here are just a few things that make this affiliate program the most effective affiliate program out there:

• Huge commissions on both first AND second tier sales!!!
• Product tools for all types of affiliates.
• Full training center with access hours of video and audio training.
• Live affiliate manager blog where you can get your affiliate questions answered.
• Weekly live training calls (every monday morning!!!)

Russell Brunson's unique philosophy that affiliates should be provided not only with powerful tools but the knowledge to use them has pushed TheSecondTier to the top of competing programs. Russell has taken affiliate training to a whole new level.

He understands that he can have hundreds of affiliates that don’t know what they are doing and get decent sales OR he can give them the knowledge and tools they need to create explosive amounts of money AND share with them a very generous portion of the profits from each sale they generate!

Here are just a few of the things that you'll learn inside of TheSecondTier:

How to choose the right product for you to promote - One of the biggest mistakes that almost all affiliates make when they first start out, is that they try to promote too many things at once. This video will show you exactly how to choose the right one or two products that will make you the most money.
How to set up an "Affiliate Squeeze" page - Less then 2% of all affiliates use this powerful technique, but after you implement it into your affiliate promotions, you will see your commissions grow exponentially.
How to drive targeted traffic to your "Affiliate Squeeze" pages for FREE - Once you learn this simple (and free) concept on how to drive traffic to your "Affiliate Squeeze" pages, you will be able to start literally writing your own paychecks.
How to build an huge targeted opt-in mailing list - You will learn how easy it is to build an opt-in list, and use that to exponentially increase your affiliate commissions EVERY week!

How to strategically place "Affiliate Land Mines" and watch your profits EXPLODE! - Follow this one simple strategy and you will start getting checks in the mail every month!

How to dominate your Pay Per Click ad campaigns - It's very powerful if you learn how to do it right. This video will walk you through the process to get high converting PPC ads!

How to use teleseminars to close ten times the clients in 1/2 the time - One of the secrets to selling a lot of products as an affiliate quickly is doing teleseminars. I was nervous when I did my first few, but now I can't stop because every time I do one, my affiliate checks from that day are anywhere from $2,000 - $15,000 (and it's a lot easier then you'd think).

How to broker JV deals and make a fortune on your 2nd tier - Many of our affiliates earn thousands of dollars each month from the efforts of others. These videos will show you exactly how they find super affiliates to add to their second tier.
How to protect your commissions from thieves while increasing your conversions - One of the number one concerns that affiliates have are people stealing their commissions. You will learn the techniques that will protect your links and also guarantee that even the worst thieves will gladly give you their commissions instead of keeping it for themselves.

• and a whole lot more....

Russell does not discriminate against less experienced affiliates. In fact, he’s already taken countless numbers of people from knowing 0 to being listed among his top affiliates. It is so effective that some people actually pay to sell products for him!

The products Russell puts out are of top quality and always in demand. In fact, people call his office months before products are ready just begging to know when they can get their hands on them. Combine this with all the promotional and training tools Russell provides and you’re already half way to making serious affiliate commissions.

The other half will be done when you take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!
Resource Box:-----------------------------------------------------------------
TheSecondTier is a free affiliate training center for those interested in learning how to make money online as an affiliate marketer. You can get your free account today by registering at: