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Inbound and Outbound link popularity issues are in the rage and in limelight these days. Link popularity is one of the most critical and time consuming part of Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) off page criteria. Link popularity refers to the number and quality of the incoming links that are pointing to your site. These other authoritative sites found your site important enough to link or refer, which make a good reason for the SE spiders to crawl to your site. When you search with Google for a specific term, it checks the relevancy of the web pages with the keywords located in the various places of a web page. Search Engine Optimizer (SEOrs) reaped close this drawback of the SEs and manipulated keywords for a higher SE ranking. Until a year back the Door-Away Page concept ( an on-page zero relevancy keyword stuffing criteria) was on hotshot. SEs are evolving towards more sophistication and improvedits relevancy algorithm for more surfer satisfaction. SEs are punishing hardly the reversed engineered web sites and last year Google itself kicked off more than a billion such tweaked web pages from its listing, according to a report.

The riddle that often been quested is "how to grow SE friendly in short period??". I hunted the same question for last three years and I finally have got a bifurcated answer - a) Quality Content and b) Link Popularity. Ask yourself what the SEs probably want? - a
web page with quality content and with greater relevancy, right? Respect the expectation of SEs and build a quality content that the surfers really want with sprints of tightly relevant keywords ( and words that are associated with the keywords i.e. the synonyms, antonyms or words that are co-related to the keyword ) in the various part of the web-page, to let the SEs know what the page is all about. Link popularity is very much dependent on content. In the next para, I am going to beef up on the tricks to increase your Inbound link popularity.

Manual Reciprocal Link Exchange: Friend, if you are really serious about to driving avalanche of free traffic to your site. I can give you an easy tip which works better than other tactics, I guarantee. First make a research on a topic of your interest. Second, select high ranked site that matches with the content and theme of your site and surf their  Link popularity and make a report on the webmasters of the sites and on the sites itself. You can use Alexato know a sites Google ranking. Otherwise you use Internicor Whois for collecting the information of other webmasters. Your third step will be to send a personalized e-mail and bid them a deal of reciprocal link exchange. Define the features of your site and the resources you deliver that their visitors can be benefited from. Webmasters seek reason to link you, so if your site is content based and if you are providing some valuable resources or information, many of the webmasters will certainly respond you affirmatively. Loop back to the second step and continue until you make a good number of reliable link exchanges.

A step further, you can share ezines or ask for article from the web-masters of the high ranked sites. Now create a resource page with the articles and link the page from home page as an on-page criteria. On the footnote of each ezine, provide details about the webmaster and services provided by his site more personalisely. Your personalized footnote will attract more webmasters to participate with you on one side and your surfers will be euphoric with some extra contents on the other.

Link Exchange Programs and Forums: Otherwise you can use link opularity programs like Link Topper, or forum.linkstoyou.comfor enhancing your inbound link popularity. I personally feel Ken Evoy's (a link exchange program) invaluable tool for every starter.Though link exchange programs are time saving, I endorse the conservative method of manual reciprocal link exchange method. I prefer manual link exchange method, because it give me more freedom to choose the best ranked and contentful site that is best suited for my site to link in. Some of the link exchange programs are merely link farms. SEs don't prefer these link-farms. You can be penalized by the major SEs for your participation with these link-farms.

Ezine Publishing: NewsLetterAccess,Ezine-Universe , Freezineweb ,Ezine Locater , SearchEngineBase, EzineHits are good examples of high circulating Ezine directories. Even some of them have their own affiliate program for its subscriber. There are more than six million ezines all around the net, so  rather than manually feeding your digital article to each and every ezine directory, deploying an ezine announcer like or NewsletterPromoteis invariably an ideal idea. An Ezine announcer submits your article in a thousands of sites all at one click.

"Links are one kind of off-page criteria that measures human reactions to your content"- Ken Evoy. The SEs consider the inbound links as vote of confidence from the site it is pointing. If the pointing site is from an authenticated and high ranked site, more popularity points will be credited to your site by the SEs. The importance of inbound or in-pointing links from some credible site is growing more and more these days, as some of the major SEs are factoring inbound links as part of formulating ranking algorithm. Not only inbound links, but also outbound links can increase your traffic indirectly.

About the author:

Purna Borkotoki is a part time Affiliate Marketer and blogger. His blog Referral Demagogue is a daunting job from the self-styled blogger, where he unveils every tip and trap of online marketing. His real life online journal is his mouthpiece, where he unveils every facet of online marketing he learnt throughout his three years of online venture. For more Free Affiliate Program resources and articles,Syndicate The Feed.

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