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Earn money- Promoting ClickBank, Amazon, SFI & ShareaSale Products Using Feeds !!  


Residon Referral Program is a revolutional system which allows you to earn money from 2-tiered ClickBank, Google Adsense, Amazon, and other services simply by referring people to and promoting its services.

This is number one opportunity for all webmasters and affiliates searching for program earning true residual income. Referral Program is considered the best affiliate program available today by many marketers. It is because it makes every service it supports residual. With this program your referrals are those who will earn you your commissions from ClickBank, Google Adsense, Amazon, SFI, ShareaShale or eSellerate etc.

And that's not all. All free members you refer (2 levels deep) will earn you money from their performance -- product purchases and ad clicks made by their vistors. Otherwise, when they decide to upgrade their accounts, you will earn commissions from their upgrade fees.

You also earn just promoting other Ad Network, Traffic Exchange Programs, Social Networks and 10 other websites of your own choice i.e. it is just work like a Joint Venture (JV) programs which you are planning to have one!!'s Viral Website Promotion is great free way to promote up to 10 web sites of yours to hundreds or thousands of new visitors. It's a simple performance based ad exchange system that will display your ads across whole network. Free.

Actually, I like this affiliate program just for its simplicity. Anybody including a school boy can benefit from this system. All promotional tools are so integrated to the system that a callow like me has no problem in promoting the system.

Benefits to Shoppers:

  • is a full featured online store containing over 4,970 products. With focus on quality, security, and innovation it provides completely new shopping experience for anyone looking for ebooks, software, or online services of any kind.

  • provides organized directory of several thousands products available in ClickBank marketplace. We offer our visitors powerful search technology that allows them to find the right products within whole ClickBank database.

  • Intuitive design and advanced features of our web store such as Product Browser and CB Bookmark Manager save time of our visitors as well as enhance their overall shopping experience.
  • With daily database updates we provide our visitors with the fresh products every day, just as they appear. We track all new products, product picks, and discontinued product and deliver information about them directly to our shoppers on the dedicated web pages or with popular RSS Feeds.

  • We employ modern technology and innovative attitude to provide the best services that will satisfy our shoppers.

Quality Guarantee:

  • The ClickBank provides state of the art security, quality, and superior customer service. It has every incentive to keep customers happy by providing quality products and technical support.

  • Every ClickBank publisher/vendor must comply with ClickBank's return policy. ClickBank, at its option, replaces or repairs any defective product within 8 weeks from the date of purchase.

  • ClickBank's return policy encourages publishers to develop high quality products, thus guarantees its customer’s full satisfaction.

Benefits to Affiliates:

  • With you we will give your free affiliate website full of money making content, where every link to a product or an ad will contain your affiliate ID. You can earn up to 75% commissions or up to $100 per a product sale plus revenue from advertising.

  • is the first and only site that with its referral program implements second tier to ClickBank, Google Adsense, Amazon, and other affiliate programs. From now you can build network of your referrals that will earn your affiliate commissions for you.

  • features unique set of services and affiliate tools using which you can enhance your content pages, boost your affiliate sales, and promote your new website.

  • You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars for affiliate services and tools from different vendors. We offer most of them and add some absolutely unique as an integrated under-one-roof solution, free.

If you ever wanted to make money online, is the right choice for you. If you don't have any idea on ClickBank product promotion, just use's ClickBank Calculator to have an idea how much you can earn from promoting a product or service from ClickBank catalogs.

So, enjoy the ride today-

Making Money Online Was Never So EASY!

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