Thursday, April 29, 2010

How To Make Money With GeoString : A Review  


Hi Netpreneurs,

Welcome to my newly designed blog. Today I want to share you a very enticing affiliate program called - "GeoString". If anyone wants to make a few thousands working from home, a few minutes a week, this is a very promising new affiliate concept that you can trust on. This is not just like any other affiliate program that junks our mailbox. I believed on this program when my friend Moidul Hoque invited me to join and he show me - how lucrative the program can be if we sponsor 5 and everybody in our downline sponsor 5 each in 10 levels, investing nothing!!

There are thousands of PTR sites to join, but what goaded me to write a few lines to review this program is that- it is the gentlest PTR program, that don’t shrunk my mailbox space with garbage mails. On every TUESDAY you will receive your account status report, where you will find a CONFIRMATION LINK to confirm that you are the real active user- who visits this page each week. You will find a few banner links underneath the confirmation page- you have to visit the Sponsor sites to generate revenues for GeoString, which they pay as remuneration for our assistance to their growth through a 3x10 Matrix Plan. You don’t have to click on hundreds of promotional mails to earn a FEW BUCKS. In general, you WILL have up to 5 days to click your confirmation link. Failure to confirm email receipts three weeks in a row could result in termination of your account as well as forfeiture of any account balance.

GeoString is simply a string of your contacts and their contacts all strung together to build an incredible cash generator for the length of the string. THIS business plan is first of all FREE For All and it offers $10.00 bonus for joining the plan.



  • $ 10.00 joining bonus

  • 100% Free for all

  • Gentle: no cluttering of Junk Mails. Simple only one email/ week.

  • Huge Potential to earn for FREE through this 3x10 Matrix plan.

  • Easy to follow User Panel that lets you know all about your campaigns, your earning/ affiliate stats outright.

  • No brainer. Sponsor a few friends – they will sponsor others and thus the system works.


Payout Update of My Upline Showing Her First Week Income

Payments are disbursed by check and mailed to the postal address on your profile on or before the 10th day of each month for earnings of the prior month provided that your account balance has reached your selected payout level. If your account balance is less than your selected payout level, earnings will carry forward until such month as you have met the minimum check requirement. $3 (Three dollars) is deducted from the amount of your check to cover the cost of processing and mailing your check. Again, this is deducted from your check amount.


If you don’t have any clue on how to promote this plan, I think the next few points will help you out sponsor a few downlines easily!

  1. INVITATION: Invite your friends first through the invitation module at your user panel. This is the simplest but cheapest method of promotion.

  2. FORUM POSTING: Your signature on the Forum Postings can give you a few joining in a very short span, provided you participate. Post your name with your referral link. Here are a few good marketing forums where you can use your signature for promotional activities- i.

    3. EZINE POSTING: Post your eZine Ads regularly to the top eZine directories. Post your well written ad copies with your signature will help you grow your list easily. Here are a few eZine Directories for your perusal-


    4. Social Networking Tools: Your blog and your orkut & other social networking profiles can be a good source of collecting easy leads. If you don’t have time to write your own article, you can copy this article and publish it on your blog too with your own GeoString referral link. Use TubeMogul to publish your videos to all the major video sharing sites like youtube, dailymotion etc. all through one click!

    5. PPC/CPM: Through Bidvertiser you can run a very low CPC campaign to get quickest leads. Albeit it is easier for the first time PPC advertisers. Apart from that you can advertise on Clixsense and neobux at very low budget. I prefer to advertise my blog review instead of the main plan, because it will give my visitors a broad prospect to understand the plan.

That’s all for today! I hope you will enjoy the GeoString referral program very much and sponsor your friends as well to get a longer perpetual residual income. Though for any sponsorship in your downline you get $0.01 only, if you fillup atleast three levels you will start earning regular income for good. Thanks for vising my blog

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