Sunday, June 29, 2008

Exclusing interview with Ewen Chia, Aaron Wall, John Chow etc  


Blog Of The Day !!

I am feeling myself privileged for discovering a very soft written blog on online marketing by Mr Phang. I am thankful to Mr. Alvin Phang for giving us all an opportunity to get an appearance and listening to his journey as one of the most successful bloggers of the time, that he started just one year back on his own voice.

Mr. Phang started his business on 7th October/06 as a Professional Blogger at the bare age of 24 years. On an average 25,000 visitors surf his blog everyday and more than 194,000 visitors from the day of inception of the blog.

What are the Points of Attraction?

A very lucid blog design, straight cut writing style, cleaver presentation of the money making opportunities / affiliate programs, in a synchronized way. Yes, one of the most informative Blog, that I have surfed yet.

I am especially thankful to him for arranging interviews with -

1.... the doyans of the Online Marketing like- Ewen Chia, Tracy Repchuk.
2... one of the Most Successful Bloggers like - John Chow.
3... successful Niche Marketing Experts like -Dr. Ron Capps, Zack Harris
4... Nate WhiteHill (UniqueBlogDesigns),
5... and many more...

Get access to all the interviews only on one place ##

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