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GDI - The Product, Income opportunity and me!! Part-I  


We searched past 3 years for a suitable online income opportunity which could fetch our financial prosperity and could give us financial back-up in the recessions.... If you are a regular visior to this blog, you might have understood that- we have promoted 100s of online income opportunities in the recent past. Among them - some were stupid money games and others were overprice materials. This is our part of business. We join and try to evaluate every business opportunity that comes in our way-at first and then we provide a review to the affiliate program for our valued visitors to attract their kind attention.

So, after a lots of brain-storming, we finally settled on Global Domains International(GDI) as our main focus because it provide some REAL product that everyone can afford and a product that is indispensible for every online marketer- a website. That is why, we have changed the theme of our blog also. Before taking the decision to shift our focus, we had participated a number of Forums and tried to evaluate GDI. The result was obviously mixed one. In the next few minutes- we will try to evaluate the GDI webhosting service and online income opportunity as well to our best knowledge. We joined GDI on 22nd of September as an active member and we have THREE active members in our downline and we get 5-6 new prospects every day. So, it is in our interest, we need to train them about the GDI business in a phased manner.

(The .Fla video gonna to save your time)

The Products: The great advantage of the GDI domains is the ability to choose a domain name of your choice. Most of the good .com names are long since gone. If you want to purchase a SEO friendly domain with the targeted keyword in your domain name- you will find hardly the best one. High targeted keyword oriented domain names are consumed by the Bigboys. Further in the case of many of the other endings like .au, .us, .uk, etc many companies exist solely in buying up the best domain names to make a killing selling them to someone else at highly inflated prices. GDI with the .ws avoids this pitfall by ensuring the domain name is not sold as a separate entity, but only with the web hosting service. .ws is still new and now is the time to get the domain name you want. No additional $20 yearly fee for just the domain name registration.

Registrants of .ws "web site" domains include individuals, small businesses and major corporations throughout the world in over 180 countries and include such notable companies as Yahoo (NASDAQ: YHOO), Intel (NASDAQ: INTC), Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO) and AT&T (NYSE: T).

Besides, the package cover- a wonderful site builder suit, meta-tag creator, 10 free email accounts, domain privacy service (it is not available for these TLDS .bz, .cn, .in, .la, .us), email forwarding services, URL forwarding services etc. Full GDI product overview goes here.

Income Possibilities: Income potential with the GDI is huge. Many well known affiliate programs have used GDI as the me potential with the GDI is huge. Many well known affiliate programs i.g -, plug-in-profitsite have used GDI as the background money maker. GDI pay 50% of their earnings to the marketers in 5 matrix levels (10% in each level). Suppose, you promote 5 active members, each paying $10/month- you earn $5 in the first level affiliate commission. When each of them refer another 5 members, you get $30 (10% of the total 30 members) in your second level... thus the trail goes on upto 5 levels deep. Besides these affiliate commissions- GDI offers Current Referral Contests & Bonus Opportunites declared by GDI is an additional opportunity to earn an UNLIMITED number of $100 BONUS each week by simply referring FIVE new confirmed affiliates in a 7-day Contest Period. Plus- GDI has declared another $5,000 Heavy Hitter Bonus for referring 1000 confirmed affiliates within consecutive 4 week period. This section shows the confirmed leaderboards for our current weekly bonus contest. For every 5 new accounts signed up by an affiliate during 6 days, they receive $100 as bonus. Only new signups that convert to paying customers on our first charge attempt on their 7th day when their free trial ends are counted towards bonuses. Minimum payout to paypal account is $10 and $50 for bank wiring paid every 15th.

Name of the Top Affiliates is removed for security purposes only

Is GDI An MLM? Yaap. GDI is an MLM. GDI offers multi level compensation to its customers in 5 matrix levels. Due to its compensation distribution structure many of the new joiners take it as an ponzi scheme. But it is not the fact. GDI has an established product base in the field of domain hosting services with its very noteworthy customer support service. If you raise an issue, you will get response in less than 24 hours. Otherwise, you are open to raise your issues in the GDI Forum also. People in the forum are very helpfull. If GDI could provide auto-responder service with its hosting pack- GDI would be the most unique business opportunity for the newbies. However, there are a bunch of GDI Plug-ins, which would help out the opportunity seekers to thrive their business. In the next part of the article, we will discuss about the plug-ins which you could use to promote GDI at best.

History & Background of GDI: This is now a well known story about two UCLA college mates who prowned the in the domain hosting business in the earnly 21st and revolutionized everything. Native Californians Alan Ezeir, 32, and Michael Reed, 31, went their separate ways after UCLA. Ezeir & Reed worked worked in sales for a variety of telecom and technology related companies. After a long houl of working years, they planned to do something innovative and ulitize their experiences gathered in their long working years for their own profits and setting up a new business. In 1996, the pair hooked up to launch Planet Earth Communications to sell long-distance phone service via the Internet. Tapping technology to the utmost, Reed and Ezeir built a business that required as little human contact with customers as possible -- allowing Planet Earth to offer variable rates frequently below those offered by the major carriers. This was just one side of their global business.

In the mid1990's when, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) assigned each nation a country code like- .au, .us, .in, uk; Mike & Reed focused on the domain extension .WS -- which belongs to the tiny island nation of Samoa, deep in the South Pacific. "We knew that a good, easy-to-remember country code could be marketable globally as a viable alternative to .com". So, that was the starting.

Global Domains International, Inc. (GDI) is based in Carlsbad, CA, has been named one of America's entrepreneurial growth leaders by Inc magazine, is currently ranked 7th among the Top100 Security Companies and 21st among Top100 with a registered growth of 757.1% with accumulated revenue worth $15.0 million for the year 2008. Obviously, the credit of their 3digit growth goes to the marketing strategy enviaged- which is unique one.

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